Welcome to R Multiservices

Relying upon 25 years’ experience on the field, we are widely recognized for our commitment to our customers while remaining friendly to the environment.


Do you want commercial cleaning that’s affordable, professional, and flexible? At R Multiservices, we offer cleaning services that are 100% tailored to your business’s needs. We perform the cleaning tasks you want, at a time that suits you. Don’t let your employees be distracted with cleaning duties when we clean for you. They can spend their time more productively, allowing your business to earn more money.


We know that different businesses have varied business hours, so we customize our cleaning schedule to fit around you. Cleaning your office or workspace shouldn’t stop you from getting your work done. With R Multiservices, not only will we avoid disrupting your work – you’ll be able to do it better, knowing that you don’t need to worry about the carpets or taking out the rubbish. Simply call us today and enjoy the best commercial cleaning!


Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal. A professional cleaning company should provide high quality services during each and every visit. With 3C, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your cleaning. Our employees complete every task with care to ensure that you receive the best results under a safe environment.

Why Choose Us?

You’ll get maximum cleanliness with minimum hassle and enjoy several other benefits, including:

- FREE, no-obligation quotes, because paying for quotes is ridiculous.
- VALUE for your money, we know that real businesses require cleaning at realistic prices.
- CUSTOMISED cleaning, because your business’s cleaning needs are unique.
- UNIFORMED cleaning staff, to uphold your business’s professional image.
- SUPERIOR customer service, because we value you and your business.


We have years of experience of helping our customers focus on their core business, by making their non-core jobs our speciality.